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Space costs money… Use it wisely.

Investment in right equipment can save a great deal, both in terms of mould protection and space saving.

Protect your earning source (dies & moulds) at fraction of its cost.

Introduction :

Organise your Mould in a very sophisticated manner at a very low price. Now-a-days, when all major companies are out on the field doing audits of their suppliers, keeping the company in an organised manner, especially the moulds. Thus, we offer you excellent solution for the same.

Our Light-Duty mould rack, has 4-trays of carrying capacity from 500kgs to 750kgs carrying capacity each in a single module.

Our Medium-Duty mould rack, having 4-trays of carrying capacity from 750kgs to 1200kgs in a single module.

Our Heavy-Duty mould rack, has 3-trays of carrying capacity from 1200kgs to 2000kgs in a single module.

The main advantage of this is, that you can combine 'n' number of modules you like without compromising the load carrying capacity of each module. In short, you can add any number of modules till the space limits of your Workplace.

Case study :

1. Save valuable space and enhance mould protection

Example, 24 Moulds/dies of 450mm (L) x 450mm (W) x 400mm (H) when kept packed together on floor will require 4.86 sq. m. (Approx. 52 sq. ft.). Same number of moulds, can fit in our racks (Medium duty) with protection and easy retrieval system, in just 3.13 sq. m. (approx. 33 sq. ft.). Space saving of 1.7 sq. m. (approx. 18 sq. ft.) that is 36% savings.

2. Customization

Another client had overhead crane and bigger moulds. We customized our racks to suite their needs.

The racks not only helped them in organizing their moulds but reduced the changeover times by eliminating the time wasted in searching for the moulds and shifting of other moulds.

The racks also helped them clear client audit marks, improve company image and adhere to 5S & lean techniques, thus improving the company image.

Specification :

SR Description Tray Size (Length x Depth) L (mm) W (mm) U (mm) H (mm) FH (mm) Load carrying capacity (Kgs)
4 3 2 1
1 Light Duty 650 x 600 2380 1000 1900 2300 2700 500 500 500 500
2 Medium Duty 900 x 600 3130 1000 1900 2300 2900 1200 1000 500 500
3 Heavy Duty 1020 x 850 3490 1480 1900 2300 2900 2000 1500 1000 -

Load carrying capacities of our mould racks (per module)

Advantages :

  • Can be easily extended to any number of columns in future.
  • Individual tray heights can be adjusted for different mould sizes.
  • Easily configured to meet your load volume and handling requirements.
  • Easily configured to meet your load volume and handling requirements.
  • Reduction in worker fatigue with easy storage and retrieval system.
  • Save time with easy mould/die location and identification.
  • Save time with easy mould/die location and identification.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ergonomically Designed Solutions
  • Durable – Heavy Duty/Built to Last

Application scope :

  • 1. Protection of mould and dies for Injection moulding and Blow moulding.
  • 2. Organized retrieval system for Dies and Moulds
  • 3. Space restructuring and optimization
  • 4. ISO compliance and client audit compliances.

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