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Oswal Engineering Corporation offers manufacturing systems and technical guidance for cable industries all over the world.Over the years, company is making tubing Extrusion plants for variety of polymers. The company manufactures products with help of in house automation and panel testing. Consistent quality, committed supplies and services has emerged the company as one of the largest suppliers to Electrical Wire and Cable Industries.


  • Oswal Engineering Corporation has an experienced team who can help you with all the in-depth knowledge about the customer queries. The team is dedicated and always available there to support its customers. We also provide training of workers of our clients and help them produce a fine quality of products complementing our fine quality machine.

  • With more than45 years of experience, our team has developed various trade secrets that help us stay ahead in producing, complex yet very simple to operate, machines.

Factory Setup

  • Our company has a variety of technically advanced machines with a combination of traditional machines. With detailed profile cutting wire cut EDM and in-house developed CNC machines, Oswal Engineering Corporation produces excellent dies matched to specifications.

  • The factory is a workforce setup to produce a variety of machines, including those designed with combinations of clients' as well as our own minds.

Quality Control

  • Oswal Engineering Corporation follows strict international standards to manufacture machines and related accessories.

  • We use renowned brands in our panels and equipment to ensure perfect production for a very long time and which require less to no maintenance.

  • Our machined components are checked at various levels to ensure they meet required specifications.

  • Maximum orders that we receive are from our previous clients, who appreciate our products for excellent quality and reliability, and always prefer us when expanding.

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Oswal Engineering Corporation
9, Ark Industrial Estate
Makwana Rd Marol, Andheri East,
Mumbai - 400059, Maharashtra, India.

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Mr Jay Shah
+91 22 4011 4568