Lab Extruder

Lab Extruders

Laboratory Extruder Machine

Introduction :

The OEC Lab Extruders are the ideal small batch extruder for practical and realistic solution for all industries. These Lab Extruders can process a wide variety of material and verifies performance expectations of production extruder. The Lab Extruders are widely used for R&D testing and low-volume production requirement.

There are virtually unlimited die configurations available. These Lab Extruders can be outfitted with optional system controls and cutting equipment. The customization is endless when it comes to the OEC Lab Extruders.

We as Oswal Engineering Corporation, have been offering highest standards of laboratory extruder machines to our clients in India and across the globe. We offer products as these lab extruders per the best suitable requirements and specifications of our valued clients. Thus we are counted amongst one of the reliable and trusted lab extruder machine manufacturers, suppliers in India having situated in Mumbai.

Case study :

Case study :

1. Same quantity of material used to do multiple tests

One of our clients produces its own master batch and has a constant requirement for new formulations and colours. They used to process all this in their 45mm compounding unit, which would easily gulp up 50 kgs in order to process the required parameters for the compound.

They came across our lab extruder and started using it. Their usage of materials dropped down considerably from 50 kgs to just 5 kgs, giving them ample time to adjust the parameters and try on new formulations in the same 50 kgs material.

2. Money saved

They process materials which cumulative cost of around Rs. 550/kg.

50 kgs of materials would cost Rs. 27,500/- for a single trial, apart from electricity required to operate and the space utilization of the machine.

With our Lab Extruder, the total cost of the same trial came to around Rs. 2,750/trial, saving around Rs. 24,750 or 90% of the cost. Apart from the material cost, the cost of processing also decreased as compared to heavy load requirement of 45mm extruder.

Specifications :

Model No. OEC 1125
Screw Diameter 25mm
Screw L/D Ratio 22:1
Screw Compression ratio 1:3
Main Drive 1.5 kW A.C. Motor, with suitable A.C. Drive (ABB Make) and suitable gear box
Output Up to 5 kgs/hr.
Screw RPM 20 to 80 RPM
Heating load 4 kW
1. Extruder 25mm single screw extruder mounted on M.S. fabricated body
(a) Screw Made of SS304, polished with mirror finish
(b) Barrel Made of high tensile alloy steel EN 41B, with nitride and hard chrome plating.
Heating zones 2 nos.
(c) Hopper Fabricated from SS 304 and has 2kgs capacity
(d) Die head Customizable as per customer’s requirement
(e) Control Panel Comes in two configurations: PLC control base or Manual PID type control base with sync cards
(f) Cooling through Standard design made with SS 304 with recycling water system and stand
2. Pelletizing unit Cutting rotor made from D2 material 50 mm width for 2-5 strands cutting.
a. Motor A.C. motor of 372W (0.5 HP) and suitable A.C.V.F. drive. (ABB make)
b. Output 3 – 5 kgs/hr
3. Electric Load required 7kW 3 phase – 50 Hz 440V A.C.
4. Space Requirement 2800mm (L) x 1000mm (B) x 1500mm (H)

Other ancillaries, like coiling unit or tube cutting unit (manual or pneumatic) are also available, and can be replaced with the pelletizing unit.

Lab Extruder Machine Diagram

Advantages :

  • OEC single screw lab extruder is suitable for processing PP, PE, PP-R, ABS and other plastics.
  • Reduction in wastage
  • Multiple batch production.
  • Low changeover costs and easy cleaning.
  • Determine processing parameters for large scale production.
  • It reduces the energy consumed considerably, while improving overall quality.
  • Make your own master batches at fraction of the cost.
  • Protect your IPR, trade secret formulation and parameters with lock-controlled PLC systems.

Application scope :

  • Material melting, plasticizing and extruding.
  • Low quantity master batch production.
  • Extrusion process parameters optimization.
  • 3D printing supplies production.
  • The production of medical pipe material.

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